Lifespan Final Fantasy VII Remake: How long for the story?

[vc_row][vc_column][rs_special_text tag=”div” font_weight=”400″ font_color=”#333333″ line_height=”30px” font_size=”20px”]This is THE big outing for April. Five years after its announcement, Final Fantasy VII Remake has finally arrived on PlayStation 4, with the promise of bringing the epic story of Cloud and his friends up to date.

But its “episodic” division questioned the players on the life of the title, since this opus focuses mainly on the events of Midgar. What is it really like?[/rs_special_text][rs_space lg_device=”30″ md_device=”” sm_device=”” xs_device=””][rs_section_heading style=”style6″ heading=”What is the lifespan of Final Fantasy VII Remake?”][rs_space lg_device=”30″ md_device=”” sm_device=”” xs_device=””][rs_special_text tag=”div” font_weight=”400″ font_color=”#333333″ line_height=”30px” font_size=”20px”]In Final Fantasy VII, the adventure that took place within Midgar lasted no more than 7 to 8 hours, but this remake has a lot more to tell. Thus, many new elements appear, with missions never seen before and unexpected developments.

 With all of that, how long does it take to complete this new version of the story, and how many hours do you need to invest to complete the game 100%?

We give you some indications followed by comments a little below concerning the lifespan of Final Fantasy VII Remake:

  •     Main story: About 35 hours of play
  •     History + additional objectives: Between 40 and 45 hours of play
  •     Finish the game 100%: More than 65/70 hours of play

If you choose to opt for the normal mode and you approach a traditional rhythm of play, without rushing or going too slowly, it will therefore take you more than thirty hours to see the outcome of this opus.

Note that once the game is over, the Difficult mode becomes accessible, just like the chapter selection, which allows you to restart the adventure at the desired location to, for example, again face the bosses who will redouble their efforts to strike you down.

You will also be able to complete the missed side missions, as well as the VR missions which offer an additional challenge by filling in the combat reports.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be available from April 10 on PlayStation 4.[/rs_special_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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