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Monster Hunter World Iceborne: how to repel the Safi’jiiva?

With the release of the new Monster World update: Iceborne, the game has seen new content, including a secret monster. Here is how to face it and successfully repel it:

Monster Hunter World Iceborne: Pushing Back the Safi’Jiiva

To be able to face this monster that had not really been revealed by Capcom, you will need to have finished the story of Iceborne. Then, once you reach master rank 24, complete the new special quest to defeat a Stygian Zinogre. That done, the game will lead you on its own to face the new creature.

It is currently not possible to defeat this new super-powerful enemy, but only to repel it. The fight takes place in 2 phases.

The first is not the most complicated. Use your grapple and attack with triangle / Y to soften the monster’s scale armor and thereby increase the damage of your physical attacks. During your combos, try to aim the head as far as possible to make the creature wobble to make it fall towards the end of the ground so that it hangs in the ground, thus offering you a large opening in its guard (trust you to the mini-map on the image below for the location).

After a while, the Safi’Jiiva will change zones. Use the winged drake to chase it below, but don’t forget to sharpen / reload before.

Once down, be doubly attentive. The monster will show a bit more nervous. Fortunately, large rocks can serve as a hiding place to avoid its laser beams.

During this second phase, the enemy can decide to lock a particular player. If you wish to become the main target, grab the head of the monster with the grapple and execute a machine-gun fire with R2 / RT.


Finally, just before being repelled, the monster will launch its ultimate attack. Quickly hide behind a rock, where death is guaranteed. And there you are, now you just have to wait for the release of the rest of this quest.


If you’re having trouble wobbling the boss, you can use a speargun equipped with anti-armor munitions. These are particularly effective at stunning monsters if you aim for the head. Also be aware that the monster is quite sensitive to poison, so do not hesitate to inflict this state on him in order to make him regularly lose his life points by every 100.


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