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Preview: Borderlands 3 – The license returns full of good ideas

The hunters of the Ark began to get impatient at the idea of ​​reviewing a large-scale canonical suite. After many DLCs and a few episodes that could be described as spin-off, the license finally lets glimpse the arrival of its episode number 3.

Gearbox has indeed unveiled recently during the Pax East, the sequel to the first two installments via an explosive trailer, in which we are promised all that we already have but in a trillion times better. Will the next part of the saga keep all its promises? Will it still be as explosive and enjoyable as its predecessors were?

This is what we will see from September 13, when the title will be released on the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But in the meantime, 2K let us approach the beast no less than 4 months before its release. The opportunity for us to give you a first opinion after a few hours at the controls of the new 2019 edition hunters.

Welcome to Bordel Lands!

In its form, this new episode takes up the main lines of its predecessors. For those who have never set toes on the desolate lands of previous games, the player has the habit of playing hunters of the ark. Each new game puts players in the shoes of unknown protagonists and this is once again the case. The new ones will be able to catch up with the bandwagon very well, while the fans will soon find their habits.

During our test session, the argument of the game teams around this new episode will have been mainly supported regarding the improvements made compared to the previous component, namely Borderlands 2. We therefore understand that despite the presence of some new features, this new title will above all be a continuation. It will contain the main ingredients, which have made the license successful so far.

We are of course talking about its almost infinite arsenal in a neat universe accompanied by an atmosphere that is always as offbeat. One of the biggest innovations will be that Borderlands 3 will send us this time beyond the limits imposed by Pandora.

“Borderlands wants above all to be generous without betraying its identity.”

It’s towards the planet Promethea that we were able to try out the first two fighters available during this build. Namely, Zane and Amara both offering very different gameplay and a varied approach to combat. You should know that each character has three main powers that it will now be possible to switch at any time. Allowing to take advantage of enemy weaknesses in any situation. Amara, for example, has mostly offensive attacks.

It can immobilize an enemy in the air for a few seconds, strike the ground to inflict heavy area damage or send a powerful attack across the board in front of it. The possibilities in terms of customizations have never been more numerous. Each player can customize the same character in a completely different way, especially with the presence of large skill trees and multiple customizable bonuses.

Zane will be better at crowd control. The hunter has a particularly efficient attack drone, a shield to absorb damage while offering the player the possibility of continuing to fire and a clone capable of drawing attention to himself. That’s not all, because Zane will be able to equip himself with two abilities at the expense of grenades. The approach is completely different controller in hand depending on all these parameters.

An overdose of possibilities

As you can see, this license is even more customizable than it has ever been. Borderlands wants above all to be generous without betraying its identity. From the first moments, the game is much more attractive graphically than in our memories.

The series has always benefited from an atypical and very successful graphic style. However, reviewing this updated recipe quickly takes effect. Everything seems much finer on the screen and the game is simply sublime.

We are launched in the heart of these new lands with the irreducible desire to rediscover our past habits. The environment covered during these few hours of play will have been somewhat restricted and much less open than we used to.

However, the game teams wanted to reassure us about the presence of much larger worlds afterwards. It didn’t take long to go back the wheel of a vehicle to take part in an explosive clash in the city’s sewers.

Note the presence of a new single-seater vehicle resembling a huge wheel armed with multiple cannons. This one although fragile and not really formidable, lends itself perfectly to the proposed environment with its narrow roads.

We were able to instantly follow up on the main quest, but don’t worry, the side missions only flourished on both sides. The game keeps its frenzied pace and leaves no room for calm. So inevitably, as in all Borderlands, it takes a big bad guy.

And the task will not be so simple, because it will take the shoulders to replace the Beau Jack and his “ass stallion”. For this, it is a duo that lends itself to exercise. You must have already seen them in the announcement trailer, this is none other than the Calypso twins.

The brother and sister will rally to their cause the whole galaxy in their thirst for the relics of other worlds. The studio seems to benefit from a certain knowledge in the creative exercise, because these two villains have so far convinced us with dialogues that hit the bull’s eye. For the most nostalgic among you, you will have the chance to cross paths with several heroes drawn from previous episodes such as the siren Lilith or even Zero. They will not be playable but directly integrate this new scenario and accompany you even during certain quests.

Loot like a pig!

In its quest for modernization, Borderlands 3 also greatly improves its handling. It will now be possible to slide after a race and even grab onto ledges to gain a little height. It may seem insignificant today, but it is a real step forward here.

These few improvements speak volumes about the developers’ desire to make their titles much more dynamic than in the past. The weapons also undergo some improvements and other possibilities. What would this saga be without its innumerable weapons, here again the title will delight fanatics of the trigger. We find the main manufacturers of weapons and their specificities such as throwing his weapon at each reload for example.

“We are launched in the heart of these new lands with the irreducible desire to rediscover our past habits”

Only, some weapons will offer this time two possibilities of shots. For example, we were able to use an assault rifle, and with the touch of a button, our weapon turned into a real grenade launcher. Some will change from basic types, others to riflescopes and even shooting modes.

The possibilities are once again very numerous and this addition completely changes the gameplay. As you can see, long hours stretch out before you in the perfect arms race. The weapons seem to benefit from a very particular attention concerning their design, in particular with the legendary weapons. These will offer even more varied and totally crazy bonuses.

We were able to face a first Boss, who kindly dropped us his weapon. On each reload, our weapon launched on the ground took the form of the enemy in the form of a turret. This effect could be repeated many times.

With regard to cooperation, the development teams wanted to review the formula. Indeed, each player will have his own loot on the screen and it will no longer be possible to have his weapon stolen.

However, the levels will be automatically adjusted if you try to reach a much more advanced friend for example. All this in order to be able to play with any player without worrying about the advancement of others. So of course, if you want to take advantage of the experience previously offered this will remain possible via the settings.


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