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Sony formalizes the PS5 logo and drops some info at CES 2020

As you might expect, Sony stopped briefly on the PlayStation 5 during its CES 2020 conference. Jim Ryan arrived on stage at the very start of the presentation and after telling us about the PS4 numbers ( and its 106 million consoles passed), the man released some information on this famous PS5. Unfortunately, nothing really fun.

Here is the PS5 logo

Simple and in continuity with previous generations, the logo was officially presented by Sony Interaction Entertainment during this conference. Not surprisingly, there is the police that we are used to seeing and the acronym “PS5”. The logo will therefore probably not surprise anyone.

The Japanese manufacturer also takes the opportunity to make a reminder of the main hardware features that had already been mentioned. The PlayStation 5 will then offer 3D audio, adaptive / haptic triggers, an “ultra high speed” SSD, hardware-based ray-tracing and high-definition blu-ray support.

Note, however, the total absence of mention of the 8K, a major argument in the communication of the Xbox Series X. Relatively surprising since Sony regularly put forward 4K compatibility with its PS4 Pro. So we stay on the logo ad and … that’s it.

New info in the coming months

On stage, Jim Ryan, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said a few more words: “We have announced several major features of the PlayStation 5 hardware that have been designed with customizations that will truly differentiate the platform, including scalable technology like the ultra high speed SSD, 3D audio, ultra HD blu-ray and a brand new haptic controller. ”

He adds that with all of these elements, “PlayStation 5 will inspire developers to create expansive worlds with new gaming experiences that will be more immersive than ever in their visuals, sound and sensations.” He also drops a promise to offer “the best content.”

The new information ends here, however. Jim goes on to explain that there is still “a lot to share” and that we will comprehend more “in the months to come”. No appointment for a full presentation, which we would have hoped for here, and we will have to be patient before seeing more on this PlayStation 5.


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