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Tips for getting started in Battle Royale – Call of Duty Warzone

If you want to get started in this new game mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but the first minutes in it make you confused, here are some steps that may help make your life easier on Call of Duty Warzone.

An essential tutorial

You can’t say it enough, but tutorials are often beneficial, and the Call of Duty Warzone tutorial pretty much sums up all of the tools you need to know before you start a game. Thus, the various mechanics such as shopping stations, contracts, and being able to stabilize your weapon on an element of the decor are discussed.

And even if the mechanics of the gulag are not described in this tutorial, or the saving of loot in the Pactole mode is also not described, the foundation of the two game modes is indeed taught. It is also in this tutorial that you will learn the different ways of communicating with your squad, something essential in any Team Battle Royale.

This tutorial can be done at any time in the game menu, in case some points were not clear enough during your first visit.

Start some games against AI

It is also possible in the game menu to launch a game in Battle Royale mode against AI. These will really not be hard to beat, but the goal of these games lies elsewhere.

Indeed, the computer games can be beneficial if you explore the map a little to put into practice what was seen during the tutorial of the game. In addition, you will be able to familiarize yourself more fully with the shopping stations and contracts, two mechanics common to Pillage and Battle Royale mode.

You will also be able to get a first glimpse of the different gadgets that you can get from the chests, and it will also be possible to have a first experience on the game map and its different areas.

In addition, dying (intentionally or unintentionally) in a game against AI will allow you to take a short trip in the gulag. However, since this system specific to the Battle Royale mode is not addressed in the tutorial of the game, you can then put it into practice in a game against the computer so as not to be stranger when you start real games online .

The games against the AI ​​are also accelerated and will not take you too long, count less than ten minutes to finish one.

A useful looting mode

If you really want to know your subject as much as possible before launching a game in Battle Royale. Know that the Looting mode can be more lenient during your first game sessions.

Indeed, since the Battle Royale mode delivers a permanent tension where death is quite significant and where playing as a team is essential, know that Looting mode can be a good alternative to complete your game training.

In this mode, death is still significant but is less disabling for your partners since your reappearance is automatic and does not go through the gulag system or redeployment of the Battle Royale mode.

The clashes are also more chaotic and involve less a squad versus squad duel. Thus, you will not become as much dead weight for your teammates as in Battle Royale mode, and the weight on your shoulders will therefore be less.

In addition, since the redeployment is automatic, you will then spend the whole part strengthening your knowledge of the mechanics of Call of Duty Warzone but it will also be a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with the game card so as not to be completely lost during the first parts in Battle Royale.

Indeed, the exploration of the map is impossible to do in the tutorial and is too light to be satisfactory in a game against the AI.

Note however that the Looting mode has its own rules and mechanics well oiled, the rules of the game may then be confusing for you during the first games. Finally, if even after having passed all these stages, you feel that the new Battle Royale of Activision remains foreign enough for you, do not hesitate to consult our tip or we come back point by point on this mode of Call of Duty Warzone.

Indeed, even after all these steps, some mechanics may surprise you during your first games such as the possibility of redeploying a fallen teammate via the purchasing stations.


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