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Trophies / Achievements – God Eater 3


Here is the full and official list of trophies and successes for the game God Eater 3 on PC and PlayStation 4. This will allow you to get 100% or platinum depending on the medium.

Remember that the objectives are the same, regardless of the platform.

  •     We’re getting there
  •     Obtain all trophies.
  •     Adaptive God Eater
  •     Survive the aptitude test for GEA and for several years thereafter.
  •     Decisive turning point
  •     Create an opening for the caravan and save your friends.
  •     Hope of humanity
  •     Collaborate with your friends to confront the ashes born.
  •     Bitterness
  •     The surprise party cake tasted bitter.
  •     The Hound Path
  •     Take the hardest route during the Fenrir HQ recovery project.
  •     More than a dream
  •     Gain the freedom to live the way you want.
  •     welcome to your home
  •     The bonds that unite you with your family have spread all over the world.
  •     False sun
  •     Eliminate the aragami of ash Ra.
  •     Embodiment of blasphemy
  •     Eliminate the Nuadha Ash Aragami.
  •     Lord of Bones
  •     Dispose of the Balmung ash aragami.
  •     King of the underworld
  •     Eliminate the Anubis Ash Aragami.
  •     The insatiable
  •     Eliminate the Dromi Ash Aragami.
  •     Divine matter
  •     Gain strength through the assimilation of an aragami.
  •     Shared power
  •     Use a Link Salvo successfully.
  •     Like the fingers of one hand
  •     Enter into symbiosis with an ally.
  •     The links that unite us
  •     Enter into symbiosis with each of the allies.
  •     Dreams of glory
  •     Complete 40 missions with an SSS rank.
  •     Expedition leader
  •     Finish an expedition for the first time.
  •     Ultimate competence
  •     Complete the “Twilight Hound” mission.
  •     Adventure in cooperation
  •     Complete your first elimination mission.
  •     Technical expert
  •     Activate your first acceleration boot.
  •     Increase in power
  •     Trigger your first art of Salvo.
  •     New equipment
  •     Make equipment for the first time.
  •     Divine weapon adjustment
  •     Upgrade equipment for the first time.
  •     Jackpot
  •     Uncover an abandoned divine weapon of higher rank.
  •     Most reliable ally
  •     Use one type of melee weapon or rifle during 200 missions.
  •     A real treasure
  •     Obtain your first piece of Tier 7 equipment.
  •     Unbeatable weaponry
  •     Obtain a melee weapon, rifle and shield of rank 7.
  •     Broken link
  •     Break your first enemy bond.
  •     Link Breaker
  •     Break 100 links.
  •     An irreplaceable friend
  •     Complete a mission with an ally who has all of his personal skills.

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