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Warhammer Chaosbane: Our Beginner’s Guide with 10 Tips for Getting Started


Since June 4, the Warhammer: Chaosbane hack’s slash developed by Eko Software is finally available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The title stamped Warhammer also pleasantly surprised us, and turns out to be frankly fun to play.

So, if you start playing the title and are a little lost, we give you some tips in this beginner’s guide. In all, here are ten tips for getting started in Warhammer: Chaosbane.

The elf, a safe bet for beginners

If you are not certain which class to choose, take the Elf Sylvain scout directly. It’s the perfect character class to start your Warhammer: Chaosbane adventure. Indeed, since it has a bow, it will be easier for you to adjust your enemies from a distance.

In addition, its dodge which is none other than a simple roll, is frankly practical and intuitive to dodge brilliantly enemy attacks, or to avoid being quickly surrounded by them.

Also, its various skills and improved version can even do a lot of damage over the length. Between the foolproof flight arrows, the elven shot, the anger of the queen or even the call of the spirits invoking dryads to support you, the elf clearly has what it takes to defend itself.

As you can see, do not look too long, and take the Elf scout Sylvain directly as the first part. As we say, you will quickly feel powerful with it, and its ranged attacks with its bow are unquestionably devastating once its improved skills are unlocked.

Pick up everything your enemies leave

This is advice that may seem basic, but it is devilishly useful to pick up everything lying around in Warhammer: Chaosbane. Between the gold coins, the fragments and the various loots, collect everything unscrupulous on the inert bodies of your enemies.

This will allow you not only to be quickly shielded in fragments and gold coins – useful if you die because you can use them to resuscitate -, but also to have a maximum of loot in your inventory to either equip you, or all sell to the merchant.

Kill all enemies in your path to quickly gain experience

Rather than rushing and trying to avoid all the enemies until you reach the goal of the quest, really take the time to go and wave the waves of enemies arriving at you.

Indeed, by doing this regularly on each quest, you will very quickly raise your class in level, and thus glean precious skill and favor points, which will be used to equip you with various skills, or increase your stats via the tree of the god.

Trade all of your weakest loot to earn rewards

If there’s a loot you don’t use anymore, don’t bother and trade it with the merchant. Because not only will this increase the reputation gauge which will level up the latter but in addition, your inventory will be at least emptied of the useless loot that you have.

Also don’t hesitate to sometimes sell a few blue or gold colored loots, this will raise your reputation gauge more quickly in level, and therefore give you the possibility of earning some useful rewards in terms of fragments, or even new skills.

Bless the less powerful equipment

The blessing system can be very handy to compensate for a missing statistic on your equipment, which you would like to have. In fact, if you ever find equipment that is weak enough in its statistics – whether in armor, chance of critical hits, damage, etc. -, you will always have the possibility of opening your inventory, and of enchanting the object in question by means of fragments and points of favor.

This will improve some statistics along the way, or even add new ones. Obviously this is a lottery, but it can be really useful if you want to increase certain stats for a particular piece of equipment

Open all the chests on your way

The main quests being relatively linear in level-design, you will have no trouble missing all the chests. And precisely, think of opening them all in each mission, because you can quite often come across some pretty interesting loot on these.

From blue, golden to heroic loot, you can quickly grab very good equipment with this simple little trick. So do not hesitate to systematically check the level map, just to spot the various corners possibly containing chests. Anyway, they are more or less each time in the same place in the levels.

Go on expedition mode or hunt for the relic to catch a very good loot

These famous modes being unlocked only at each zone at the end of each chapter, it can indeed be interesting to have a look. The Expedition and Relic Hunting modes certainly allow you to take on hordes of enemies with random events here and there, and this can give you the ability to catch golden or even heroic loot in chests. All the more reason to try it out, especially before facing an end-of-chapter boss for example.

Dodge is your best friend

The big chaos monsters or the champions, a gold mine in loot

Very clearly, do not try to trick the different quests, and therefore miss the many big monsters or champions on your way acting more or less as mini-bosses.

Indeed, if they are fatally very resistant, know that they can subsequently reward you in a very nice way with a loot which can be relatively interesting whether it is blue, golden or heroic, the latter being indicated with a code Red color.

Do not hesitate to change the difficulty systematically

Before starting any quest, note that you can change the difficulty at any time. So if you get stuck on a special boss, for example, you can leave the area, change the difficulty, and return easily enough to the boss to do battle with him in a slightly lower difficulty setting.

Note that you can also have fun increasing the difficulty to find many more fragments, gold coins, and inevitably a much more interesting loot. So inevitably, you will take dearly in a higher level of difficulty especially if you play solo, but you will be handsomely rewarded.


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