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Xbox One exclusives in 2019, the list of all upcoming games

After spending a year at least a bit weak in exclusivity. Microsoft intends to go up the slope in 2019 with the aim of inflating the catalog of the Xbox One. The automaker pulled out the big muscles during E3 2018 with numerous announcements from AAA, but also with the takeover of a long list of studios.

Iconic heroes and licenses seem to be getting back on track for years to come. Even if some projects are still very mysterious, the American firm sees a future for the less flattering.

We therefore make a reminder of the next exclusives to come on the Microsoft home console. This list contains only games announced but which do not necessarily have a date or exit window yet.

Crackdown 3

Crackdown, faithful license of Microsoft brand home consoles. Indeed, the franchise opened the festivities in 2007 on the Xbox 360. Before hosting a second episode on the same console a few years later, in 2010 to be precise. The very first appearance of the game will have conquered the players as well as the press as a whole.

The colorful and original universe for a few years back, has allowed the franchise to make a place for itself on the Xbox catalog. It’s only logical that a sequel appeared 3 years later. In line with the first episode, still as nag and spectacular. It will have seduced without marking the history of its imprint.

This license is made for players who like the action without thinking too much, with the possibility of evolving in cooperation. You’ve presumably known this for a long time now, but unless something unforeseen happens, the third installment arrives in February 2019. It will have known a lot of developments during its development. We are thinking in particular of the takeover of the Cloudgine studio by Epic Games.

A real blow, which will certainly have been worth the postponement of the title over several months. You should know that one of the strong points of the title, will be the fully destructible environment and calculated in real time, thanks to cloud technology.

As of today, we still have very little information about the turn of solo mode. However, its presence remains confirmed, even if the multiplayer mode will surely represent the heart of the game. Many questions around the quality of this title, nevertheless, it could prove to be an undeniable asset for the Microsoft catalog.

In the meantime, a lot of information should arrive very quickly around Crackdown 3 in the coming days. The release date has never been so close, so go on February 15, 2019 to find out our opinion on the final version.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

If there is one exclusivity that Microsoft can be proud of, this is it. It is impossible as a self-respecting player to have missed this masterpiece. Released in 2015 before being reborn in 2016 in the form of a Definitive Edition. Ori and the Blind Forest will have sent the players on an enchanting adventure completely successful in all respects. An intoxicating artistic direction, fine graphics and a breathtaking soundtrack.

The title of the Moon Studio teams will have made players see all the colors. So we’re going through a magical world at the controls of Ori, this pretty little white thing. In a world full of dangers, we will have to save our environment which sinks into darkness and sadness.

We can probably blame it for its lifespan, a bit too short. Indeed, ten hours are enough to overcome it. It’s still acceptable, but the game is so good, we would ask for more. It’s perfect, since a second episode was announced for 2019 without a specific date.

This new opus will have appeared during E3 2018. A demo has already been made available at the various shows since this announcement. We can already tell you that the new adventures of Ori are just as fabulous and catchy.

Development teams are now expected at the turn, this is often the trap after a successful first episode. However, they do not seem worried and even announce some new products to come. First, we already know that the environment will be even more alive than before. The studio knows perfectly well that the artistic direction played a lot in the success of this license.

We are therefore certain that the next installment will play on its appeal and will once again try to captivate the players. Only, the artistic touch is not the only cause of its success. We think in particular of its well-thought-out level-design in the form of perfectly worked Metroidvania. The first title handles spikes of difficulty perfectly, some players must certainly remember a few difficult passages to say the least.

What we do know about Ori and the Will of the Wisps is that it takes over the solid foundations of its predecessor with some improvements and new features. The developers really want to make real changes. The first major novelty comes from a new game mode. It will now be possible to come across new events, implanted within the universe.

This game mode will allow you to face the ghost of other participants in the form of races. An undeniable way to extend the life of the ticket. Finally, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, the difficulty, sometimes tough, will be adjusted. Indeed, the title wants to be accessible without neglecting players thirsty for challenge. We therefore impatiently await the continuation of the adventures of our little luminous fox.

Gears of War 5

Like the Halo series, it remains a standard bearer for Microsoft. With the absence of the two behemoths in 2018, the brand appears pale in the catalog of games. More for a long time, because indeed, a new episode arrives next year. The next installment has an exit window, estimated at the end of 2019.

Matt Booty, head of Microsoft studios, sold the wick. You should know that the license has passed into the hands of a new studio since the release of the fourth episode. The famed Epic Games, which is now responsible for the blockbuster Fortnite, passed the torch to The Coalition studio.

The new team therefore worked on the last canonical episode to date. Without being memorable, it will still be able to retransmit the aura of the series. This is far from an easy task when we take up a saga of such a template. From now on, the new development teams have made it clear that the license will take a new form.

The Coalition intends to make its mark on the next Gears. It will all start with radical changes never seen by fans, that said, while respecting the codes of the franchise.

We are therefore promised to find the series from a completely new angle. The developers first talked about the environments in which players can progress. According to Rod Fergusson, current head of The Coalition studio and former production director at Epic Games.

We will evolve in narrow landscapes but also very open, leaving room for different phases of gameplay. To summarize, we are promised a title that meets our expectations with several novelties, at least exclusive to the series.

Halo Infinite

It’s impossible to talk about the next exclusives coming for Xbox, without going through the platform’s ambassador. The Halo franchise will be back soon with Halo Infinite. As we know since last E3, players will once again be able to experience the adventures of the Master Chief. It was with the arrival of a surprise trailer at the opening of the Xbox conference that the latter appeared.

A real demonstration for the new graphic engine of the 343 Industries studio, the Slipspace Engine. Real graphic gem with images in real time during the demo within the show. This technology is a source of pride for developers, which represents years of work.

Fans are thrilled and the Major returns to the rescue of his favorite platform, lacking in exclusivity lately. Even though very little information has yet been released, we already know that the project is in the hands of the studio that has already worked on the license for several episodes.

The title will be intended for the oldest players but will take a new turn in order to also attract the most curious. Even if this one does not sport the number 6, it will be well the continuation of the saga. A strong choice in the history of the series, surely intended to want to mark a kind of renewal.

We don’t know more about the script, apart from the presence of the iconic hero of the license. This next episode will see the light of day on the generation of current consoles, namely the Xbox One. Unlike the previous episode, Halo 5: Guardians, this one will be released on PC.

Rumors would like that the next opus turns to an open world, it would be a first for the franchise. An almost essential component nowadays, we especially think of the level design of Destiny. It remains only to wait wisely and impatiently, the next information on the continuation of the saga with Halo: Infinite.


After many years of speculation about the arrival of a new Battletoads, a new episode was confirmed during the Microsoft conference at E3 2018. A nice surprise, therefore, but which has not yet delivered much information . Indeed, if it is not its existence and its arrival in the Xbox One ecosystem, we do not know much and we have not yet had an image concerning it.

All we know is that it should happen during the year 2019 and that it should simply be called Battletoads, without any accompanying subtitle. It will be presented as a 2.5D game with hand drawings and we should be eligible for local cooperation. Recall that the last title of the franchise was released in 1994, which is quite a long time. Expected release on PC and Xbox One.

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course

The excellent Cuphead, which was very successful when it was released, will be entitled to a new extension in 2019 called The Delicious Last Course. The main novelty is the arrival of Ms Chalice, a brand new female character with unique skills and unique movements.

Once it is unlocked, it will be possible to redo the whole game with it and we also know that this DLC will take us to a whole new island with new bosses, new weapons and new charms. We do not yet know when accurately this extension will arrive nor precisely the rest of its content but we already know that we want to get our hands on it.


A small independent for the road, you should not trust its size because its potential seems great. It is true that our cute little fox has been talked about for several years now. Indeed, the title was announced for the first time during E3 2017.

Since then, the Finji Games studio remains discreet to say the least about its little fox. It took another year to see him again at the American show in Los Angeles. It’s with a short poetic and colorful trailer that our little animal reveals a little more about the world around him. The big news is that the game was playable this year.

We can therefore deduce that the work is progressing, as a reminder, it is an independent studio at the controls and therefore it is normal to see such long delays. This year should however be the right one, since, according to the developers, the game will come out well in 2019.

For the record, we embody a little fox waking up on an abandoned beach with no memory of his arrival here. Everything could make us think of a day of drunkenness, but no. Our hero will evolve under the Unity graphics engine with a camera offering an isometric 3D view.

Its little air of cute and colorful environment hides many dangers. Indeed, as we can see in the trailer, we will have a lot of enemies to face.

It’s with our little sword and shield that we’ll have to fight and solve puzzles. Its different mechanics make one think of the first Zelda games, which earned it the name of Zelda-like. Pending more information, be aware that Tunic will be released on PC and Xbox One without specific date.

Cuphead : The Delicious Last Course

The excellent Cuphead, which was very successful when it was released, will be entitled to a new extension in 2019 called The Delicious Last Course. The main novelty is the arrival of Ms Chalice, a brand new female character with unique skills and unique movements.

Once it is unlocked, it will be possible to redo the whole game with it and we also know that this DLC will take us to a whole new island with new bosses, new weapons and new charms. We do not yet recognize when exactly this extension will arrive nor precisely the rest of its content but we already know that we want to get our hands on it.


We put it at the end of this article because we know absolutely nothing about him, or not much. Session, a project first launched on Kickstarter, was finally brought to the forefront during E3 2018 to confirm its arrival on Xbox One and PC.

It is nothing more than a skateboard game that should give a little boost to the discipline that has been struggling to find a place in video games lately, especially after the disaster that was Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5. Exit normally scheduled for 2019 or beyond.


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